photo by  Tanea Hynes

photo by Tanea Hynes

photo by Emily Kerr

photo by Emily Kerr

Andrew Noseworthy is a Canadian composer, guitarist and arranger whose work creates a place for unheard voices within unlikely ensembles and underplayed instruments. His music addresses the struggles of accepting or rejecting 'locality' while drawing from experiences of isolation within his hometown of Labrador West, the tight-knit arts community of St John's, Newfoundland and the expansive scenes in New York City.

Communal engagements in these vastly different locations has led to Andrew's music being heard in Canada, the United States, the U.K. and Australia; and featured at venues such as Spectrum NYC, Dixon Place (NYC), The Array Space (Toronto) and LSPU Hall (St John's). Each facet of his work has grown out of close-collaborations between fellow new music advocates, with his music has being premiered by artists such as Andrea Lodge, Bearthoven, Greg Bruce, Miki Sawada, Elizabeth Fleming, The Caution Tape Sound Collective (Toronto), Din of Shadows (Toronto) and the Trinitas Chamber Ensemble (NL).

In collaboration with composer/guitarist Aaron Garcia, Andrew is the co-founder of experimental hardcore duo this place is actually the worst and DIY label people | place | records. Created out of a necessity to support an NYC music scene existing in both “new music” and “hardcore/electronic” realms, people | places | records releases music by diverse emerging composers and bands. Each record is disseminated in an engaging format with the intention of connecting creative communities rooted in DIY ethos. In July 2018, this place is actually the worst released their debut full length album on the label. Initially inspired by an ambitious yelp review for bar, the record overlaps the boundaries between post-punk, parody, contemporary classical composition, vaporwave, and found text sources that reference absurd internet culture.

Other formative relationships include Andrew's creative work with choreographers/dancers and filmmakers Angie Moon, Abraham Texidor and Norberto Collazo; as well as frequent multimedia work with photo-based artist Tanea Hynes. His short film collaboration with Moon, “Sticky Geraniums”, was featured during the 2017 NYC Independent Film Festival; while his work with Texidor and Collazo (both of NA2 Dance Theater) has been featured during multiple FUERZAfest Latinx LGBTQ Festivals in their dance extravaganza events.

As an electric guitarist, Andrew actively performs in solo, chamber music and band settings. He primarily performs the music of fellow young composers such as Phong Tran, Shelley Washington, Damian Ponce de Leon, Yaz Lancaster and Nick Norton. His playing has been featured at The Music Gallery (Toronto), Scholes Street Studio (Brooklyn) and 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media and Education. Andrew is a longtime collaborator of Toronto-based composer Bekah Simms; who's debut release on the Centrediscs label, impurity chains, prominently features his playing on the title track and the Juno-nominated piece, Granitic. Upcoming performances include new pieces by Tyler Kline and Darian Thomas, performing with Contact Contemporary Music at Bang on a Can's “LOUD Weekend” and multiple performances throughout the 21C Guitar Conference in Ottawa, Canada.

Andrew's composition projects for 2019 each further his goals of communal connection and integration. They include a solo saxophone commissioning consortium with emerging saxophonist Samantha Etchegary, and new pieces for performers such as Tim Brady's Instruments of Happiness, tubist Tristan Whalen-Hughes, the NYC ensemble Real Loud, and clarinetist Luke Ellard. Set to be premiered in 2020/2021, Andrew is working in collaboration with Nunatsiavut Inuk Activist, Artist and Author Delilah Saunders on a chamber opera concerning perceptions of human “belonging.”

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Music (honours) from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Masters in Music Theory and Composition from NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. His previous mentors include Michael Gordon, Julia Wolfe, Andrew Staniland and Clark Ross. Andrew is currently a PhD student in Music Composition at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada; under the tutelage of Paul Frehner and David Myska.

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