New work (2019)

5'. for solo Bb clarinet and live electronics.

Commissioned by Luke Ellard.

Vibrance (2019)

5'30”. for solo Bb clarinet.

Commissioned by Amanda Forest.

Pull Up (2018)

5'30”. for solo soprano or tenor saxophone and fixed electronics.

Commissioned as part of a 2018 Solo Saxophone Commissioning Consortium co-organized by lead commissioner Samantha Etchegary and Andrew Noseworthy.

They Want to be the Actual Sun (2018)

7'. for solo tuba and fixed electronics.

Commissioned by Tristan Whalen-Hughes.

Yeah, Nah. (2018)

7'. for solo bass clarinet and piano reduction.

Original version for solo bass clarinet and large chamber ensemble.

Run Away With Meme (2018)

Approx. 8'. for solo piano and live electronic processing.

 Approx. 12'. for solo electric cello and effects pedals.

Written for Clara Boudrot.

Approx. 12'. for solo piano.

Commissioned by Andrea Lodge.

16'30”. for prepared french horn and tape.

Commissioned by Elizabeth Fleming.

7'. for viola and tape.

7'. for melodica solo.

Commissioned by Miki Sawada.

12'. for percussion solo with electronic sampler instrument.

Commissioned by Kyle Andrews.

Cello and Tape Sketch: July 2014

4'. for solo cello with tape.

Written for Jillian Blythe.

12'. for amplified bass clarinet with live electronic processing.

Commissioned by Paul Bendzsa.